About Transgender

What most differentiates a woman from a man?

The obvious answer may be physical form and appearance, but the truth is, it is the voice.

After years of hormone therapy, expensive surgery and painstaking practice to adapt the body to female orientated movement, so many transgender individuals are betrayed by the quality, pitch and inflection of their voices.

As a professional voice teacher with close to 30 years of experience in training singers, I have developed a unique and proven method for feminizing the voice. My work with transgender  community for 31 years has provided countless individuals with confidence to project their femininity in its totality.

The voice is more than just a tool of communication. It is the pathway of the emotions, the means by which we express our innermost feelings. I’ve had clients cry when they realize that their voice can actually be the instrument of their emotions! Once they feel their voice is passable, they no longer hold back the emotions that so many hide before and during their transition.

To Learn more about Transgender and the Transgender Community please visit the link below.

I feel that the world should understand more about this community and the social misunderstandings of being Transgender.
~ Norma

We also work closely with some of the best doctors in the world for transgender surgery.

Dr. Sherman LeisThe Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery
19 Montgomery Avenue • Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
(610) 667-1888

The Transgender Center

American Psychological Association​​​

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